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February 17, 2010



Feigning support for an weak opponent in the hopes securing an easy win for your party...

I believe that qualifies as "expediency ... by the gatekeepers of the political establishment."

If not, it's certainly not a case of "enthusiasm... [or] passion for public service".

Listen, I don't live in Indiana or the US anymore, but I still feel connected to those that do. Your interests are mine to an extent. Represent an agenda that people can rally behind. Win based on your merit.

Anything else would be condemnable by 80% of the postings in this archive. Even though I disagree with a lot of the ideology I see here, I absolutely believe you can win without beating the system.

What we need are forward-thinking ideas -- a plan for coping with 21st-century globalization. With rising world powers and a knack for misgauging our own importance, we're short one dose of realism. Neither party will be able to address this in full.


Derek, you picked up on the double-edged reality of politics. And in the midst of a post that is actually intended to have a more light-hearted bent to it (e.g. the suggestion that Republicans campaign for the Democrat), my true frustration is that the established political networks in both parties tend to pull the levers more often than not. I don't know Ms. d'Ippolito, nor could I predict whether or not she would make a good Senator. But I admire her willingness to participate in the process. As someone who has spent a lot of time working in different political campaigns, the willingness to throw your hat into the ring is fraught with difficulties and signficant challenges from the very beginning. Furthermore, as she stated in the article, she was attempting to run as a citizen and not a politician. That is commendable and should be encouraged. Otherwise, we will be stuck with politicians, while qualified the common men (and women) are relegated to this sidelines.

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