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January 22, 2010



What the heck does, "Act like a lady mean?" Sorry, but that kind of old-school attitude needs to go. That DOES NOT rub me the right way!


There was much wrong with this interview on both sides. However, very typical of Washington's lack of respect for each other from interrupting to condescending attitudes. The phrase "act like a lady" was manipulative and condescending which is disrespectful. The lack of respectfully waiting for each other to make a comment also created the typical "Washington atmosphere" I am very disturbed by the attitudes of both parties in general. The media of course doesn't help. Obama's desire to bring us back to a respectful governament has proven complicated. It is a big ship and very difficult to turn. As much as Christian republicans disapprove of some of Obama's liberal policies, I wish they would get behind his desire to come back to respectfully treating each other even when our political and religious views differ.

Resident Atheist

I fail to see the problem here. If he had said "I'll treat you like a gentleman, so act like one" there would be no problem. It was certainly condescending, but I found nothing that pointed to it being for sexist reasons, but rather political or social reasons. Standard politics since the beginning of time. Non-story.

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