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December 22, 2009


Resident Atheist

Take a look at that transcript. Nice to see Ingraham is taking a page out of O'Reilly's book. Ask a question and then talk over the answer. That's why he can't get anybody on his show anymore and I quit watching.

Both sides use dogma. Just like with the religious, there are large amounts of silent atheists who aren't caught up in the dogma. There's something about the public faces of both sides that draws that out.

As an atheist, the idea that telling a kid about hell is somehow child abuse is laughable, it is so ridiculous. That is a primary difference between Ms. Gaylor's view and my own.

Now Ingraham had a few ridiculous insinuations, as well. She hinted that something must be true because more people believe in it. She also hinted that religious people are more generous. While that may or may not be true, it doesn't validate the truth of religion.

Finally, as a side note, if you want to really piss off an atheist, tell them how absolutely FASCINATING it is that they believe what they believe. We know you don't find it fascinating. You find it unbelievable and use that term to condescend to us and make us feel like a minority. But it's okay, because in 100 years when we are 80% atheist and 20% religious, I'll make sure my grandkids ask the Christians about their FASCINATING beliefs.

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