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November 10, 2009



I think the problem is that any solution would be discrimination. On a day like today, the cliche is that "freedom is not free". Well, when most of us think about that statement our minds race to a distant battlefield where a soldier is mourning the loss of his buddy. Or of a family who's recently lost a soldier / relative.

We have to realize that our freedom in this country allows people to do bad things that we cannot (should not) control. The antidote to preventing "bad things" would lead to the destruction of that very freedom we cherish. (Of course we've seen this very thing happening since the Constitution was put into place).

I am probably wrong here, but I like to think that is what President Obama meant when he said "we shouldn't jump to a conclusion". We shouldn't "jump" to a solution.

(ADD moment: Anyone else thinking of the "Jump to conclusion's mat" in Office Space?)

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