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November 19, 2009


chris corwin

i certainly can't be bothered to go, like, look this up, but i think we all know that this is way more than "second time in as many weeks that the news organization has made the same kind of error."

odds are, it happens more like three or five times a day.

(and it's not just FOX that does it)


I have to agree with Chris. This is like an athlete getting a 3rd positive drug test. Does anyone believe he has only done drugs 3 times?

Although I appreciate Fox News more than the others. John you are correct in stating that you need to filter the information you receive from all avenues. Bottom line is that these aren't companies just wanting to report the news, they are companies that market the news and they are individuals that make a name by reporting sensational stories.


ummm.... boy, sure seems idealistic huh... thinking that these news organizations are in the business of just reporting the news.

Truth is, they are in the business of ratings, because ratings bring advertising, and advertising makes money (lots). CNN, PMSNBC, FOX, WISH-TV, WTHR, Indy Star... all of em will say whatever to get you to watch their (read) commercials (ads).

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