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October 28, 2009



Great point. Now seeing that O'Bama has signed this "Gay Rights" bill, this point is even more enforced for me recently. This country is getting to the point where morals and right vs. wrong are completely subjective and up to one's personal taste. This logic is flawed as with this mentality, there is no line that defines right vs. wrong.

As a Christian, my views come from an absolute source, with no ambiguity. The Bible defines my "absolute truth" (as you have pointed out). Without that line providing those definitions, then everything is questionable.

I, personally, don't believe in the thought process that "if it feels good, then do it." I know that the argument for certain cases like gay "love" is that it is a natural, loving feeling between two humans. In that case, why not expand this? How about natural feelings that a grown man has towards little boys? or... how about the feelings that someone has towards animals or multiple wives? Some people feel naturally drawn to murder. If it feels good and natural to them, then who am I to go against it? This is America's throught process right now and it saddens me.

As a Christian, I am to "live out loud" and be a reflection of God's Word and what he stands for. With the world's views being so out of whack (from a moral standpoint), it is sometimes difficult to to keep a positive attitude and approach others who have these skewed views in a loving manner rather than in anger. Sometimes you just want to slap them and say "What's wrong with you?" I will continue to pray that God gives me the knowledge, understanding and patience to continue to approach these worldviews in the way that he wants me to.

Resident Atheist


This kind of goes without saying, but the obvious answer to your question is that they are two CONSENTING adults. No one is being hurt/abused/taken advantage.

Could you please point me to the leaders of the pro-murder movement? In other words, you make a fantastic argument against a worldview held by all of 3 people (margin of error +/- 3 people.) Equating gay marriage to pedophilia is just ignorant.

It's refreshing to hear a Christian admit they are so out of touch with what the rest of the world defines as morality.

If it's any consolation, I feel like slapping you and asking "What's wrong with you?" too. And you know what's amazing? Even without the spectre of god's wrath hanging over my head, somehow I know it's wrong and don't do it.

chris corwin

i have a suspicion that fundies of all stripes have been lamenting the "gradual moral deterioration taking place in our culture" for as long as we've had culture.

i also have a suspicion that things weren't any better or worse then, in any meaningful way.

well, apart from that nealy all "primitive" societies that had been previously untouched by any outside culture that we've discovered in the last 100 years or so share one common thing: they kill and sometimes each other, a whole lot.

the sky is not falling, john.

also, i understand that this whole light/dark thing is an anolgy, but have you taken time to consider whether it, like, actually applies?

what we who are fortunate enough to have eyesight percieve as "light" does not fight back the dark. it merely allows our photon-sensitive receptors to take in information that is altered by everything it has bounced off of or travel through on its way to our eyeballs from its source.

in what way is good and evil like this?

does good come from one or more sources, and bounce off of things so that those things appear?

does it actually "remove evil" ?


I'm not worried about the sky falling, Chris. That is not the point of this post. It's simply to challenge Christians to get more active in trying to make a positive difference in the culture.

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