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February 18, 2009


chris corwin

i have two things to say:

a) the people who comment at the indianapolis star are, regularly, embarrasing to us as a species, let alone as a state.

b) who considers 68% a low approval rating?


john, technically it's not debt. we're printing the money instead of borrowing it. that's responsible right? i mean, it keeps the printing people employed, and it's home grown instead of from the chinese. (!)

great for inflation. anyone have a wheelbarrow to help me carry my money? I need to get some toilet paper.


Perhaps I ought to reconsider my upcoming post regarding the comments I submitted to the Indianapolis Star recently?

No one can argue that a 68% approval rating is a desirable number. But there's much more to the equation than simply extrapolating a president's approval rating and implying conclusions. After all, there was a time when President Bush's approval rating hovered in the 70s-80s (and eventually peaked in the upper 80s). Same guy, same basic leadership style throughout his presidency (in fact, it was his "stubbornness"--or his "convictions-based determination" depending on your perspective--which precipitated his declining popularity), yet different circumstances. Which is why he was just ranked 36th out of 42 presidents in terms of leadership.

The fact is, the passage of the stimulus package hasn't generated the rousing national ovations that Obama & Co. were assuming it would. In fact, the latest polls show that support is actually declining for the stimulus package: http://news.aol.com/article/economy-poll/349461

Andy, I think you've hit on something there. It's kind of like when I know I can write a check because there are checks in my checkbook (or I can use my credit card, because I have available credit). Be American, spend American, right? :)

Eric Page

Chris, I think you answered your b) with your a). :D The problem is that I'm guessing you're talking about Obama's approval rating. The embarrassing homo sapien/Hoosier mentioned Congress' approval rating...which just hit a two-year high of 31%: http://www.gallup.com/poll/114670/Congress-Approval-Rating-Jumps.aspx

Unless you play baseball, that's not a good number.

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