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February 16, 2009



Is depression here or not? not very clear. But if you look at the past history recessions and depressions come and go. Economies go through cycles and recession is part of the cycle. I read the history of cycles at http://www.recessioninfocenter.com

so if you tighten up during recession it makes sense

Eric Page

What bugs me about this stimulus bill (I know that's not what this post was specifically about) is that it was voted in on Friday but won't be signed until Tuesday. Why was there such a rush to get it voted on if it wasn't even going to be signed until four days later? Many members of Congress have acknowledged not even reading the bill. How can you accurately vote for something you haven't even read? Many people will say that Congress votes on bills all the time that they haven't read cover to cover. Not only is that not a valid excuse, it uncovers more problems that need to be fixed.

Resident Atheist

I was thinking about the timing, too, Eric. Obama is screaming about the need for action, but waits four days for the photo op?

If he really wanted to make a statement, he should have gotten a picture of himself signing it in his pj's the night it was passed. Hell, he could have had Pelosi and Reed there in their robes for a big Democratic slumber party. They could have had humus on flat bread then a pillow fight with big sacks of our money.

Eric Page

Yeah. I can sort of see waiting until Monday...but even though Monday was a holiday, there's no reason (that I can think of) they couldn't have given congress the weekend to read it and then have them vote on Monday. I'm curious if any of them read it over the weekend and regretted their vote.


Kind of like the growing number of Americans who are waking up to the new reality and regretting their vote last November... :)

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