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January 13, 2009



i don't know about you, but Jean is definitely ready for the job. i don't know how she does it.

Resident Atheist

I bet YouTube is full of clips of poorly trained ninjas.

Yep. Here's one:

Uncle Rodger

The ad is repelling,,,
Can't even spell rappelling
Was it really misspelled in the ad?

Mandy Leech

I think this is the one for you, John. Sounds like a great Crane family job. Check it out!



Mandy, I actually did check into that "greatest job in the world", but couldn't get onto the website. I found out this morning that their site crashed after over 200,000 people rushed it in 24 hours. Almost the shot of a lifetime. :)

Mandy Leech

I can't say that chillin on a beach for 6 months AND 100 grand sound too bad. We might be able to handle that.

Mandy Leech

Takin' care of God's creation, right?

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