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December 13, 2008



o my gosh, funny

Peter Eicher

That's stinkin hillarious!


wasnt' there something else that went on recently with Andrew that you posted. something that involved another bodily function?


Hard to say, there've been so many. :) The most recent was the Sunday morning sneak attack with Mark back in September: http://thedailydetour.typepad.com/tdd/2008/09/sunday-morning-sneak-attack.html

Or, perhaps you're thinking back to the "Classic Crane" incident from July of 07 with Andrew: http://thedailydetour.typepad.com/tdd/2007/07/parenting-shoul.html

Is there any way to just have them set up direct deposit with the parental hazard pay?


FYI we when we have that situation in the car I actually crawl back and put a diaper on the child and tell them to go in it. Those diapers hold a ton!

Resident Atheist

That's a great idea Abby. I'm thinking the whole family is wearing diapers on the trip home for Christmas. Non-stop service, here we come!


I just bring home some indwelling foley catheters from work and line up the family before our road trips!


This story made me laugh although it's a very familiar story! I told Darius about his buddy and he laughed.

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