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December 08, 2008



so i wonder what the term of the gift certificate is? like the statute of limitations?

basically can I buy one for my 7 month old daughter?

..... so wrong.

chris corwin

from the star article:
Shepherd said Planned Parenthood leaders expect the majority of the certificates will be used for services other than abortions and intend to make them available year-round.
The organization offers services such as pelvic exams, breast cancer screenings, walk-in pregnancy testing and birth control. About 95 percent of the agency's services are unrelated to abortion, Shepherd said.
"This program has nothing to do with abortion," Shepherd said of the gift certificates. "This is about basic reproductive health care."

Eric Page

"Her two children -- ages 9 and 1 -- are covered by Medicaid, but Glaspie has no health insurance because it would cost the 23-year-old barista about half of each paycheck."

Anyone do the math on that one?


This is terrible!!! I haven't heard about this until now. There are so many people who would love to adopt these children. It breaks my heart! I'm so thankful that my son's birthmom didn't do that otherwise Darryll & myself would be without one of the BEST things in our lives!!!

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