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October 23, 2008



congrats bro!

i think she looks like marky.


Beautiful!!! A small, plain angel...I love it. Thanks for the pics...looking forward to meeting her in person. Tell mom we said hi.


She is beautiful!!! Congratulations. God is so good!!

Craig Maxwell

Congrats! We are excited for you. Thanks for sharing the great news with us. Blessings to Emma Jean and the rest of the Crane's.

Emily M

Hey guys! We're so happy for you! She is one beautiful baby girl! We'll be praying for Jean's quick recovery. Can't wait to meet the "plain angel" in person! Congratulations!


Definately looks JUST like your other kids -especially Mark. Tell Jean "hello" for us and we are praying for a quick recovery...I know how it is! Gorgeous pics - thanks for sharing! Rod and I were just talking yesterday and I said "Jean shouldv'e had the baby by now...I wonder how she is doing?"

melissa coleman

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! She is adorable and I can't wait to meet her! Tell Jean to rest up while she can in the hospital and I hope she has a smooth and quick recovery.


Congradulations John & Jean. She'll fit right in to the Crane clan. God Bless you, Emma.

Peter Eicher

Cute Cute Cute! Congrats Brotha John!

Don and Becky Moran

John and Jean,
We have already discussed how we have lived with a similar dilemma. After three boys is it really possible to get the girl. I am happy to say that in your case, yes it is. Way to go man! She is amazing. Care to share? I don't think I can talk Don into anymore pregnancies, so maybe we can live through you.
First time on your blog. Loved It! Have a great one.
The Morans

future favorite unc

can't wait to meet the new addition! glad everybody's safe and sound, and glad i was able to catch up the other day. dang, i miss my lil' men! an' now the new lil' lady too! oh well, turkey day here i cooome!!

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