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October 29, 2008



I'm quite proud that my question made your blog. I'm "this guy". Since our discussion I've grown more and more angry with myself for not voting in this election as our talk inspired me to look deeper into it from a spiritual aspect and from an informed voter point of view. Wish we would've talked sooner. Hope the Q and A goes well.


I am going to vote but here is a question that I posed to my youth guys about faith and politics. Since we where given free will to chose our ways. Shouldn't our political decisions allow that same opportunity to free will instead of placing a president who my have the same conservative beliefs and not allow the opportunity of free will/choice.

We had a good talk about it and I was very proud of their responses.


"...like it or not, politics will never be over, even when it merely goes underground until the next election cycle."

which will be next fall '09. remember when the campaigning for this election started?

i've had enough.


Matt, great to have you aboard TDD. I put your question up because it's a good one. :)

No worries about missing this election. It's water over the dam, and as I wrote above in this post, we will all have countless future opportunities to engage in the political process. As I said last Sunday night, if the only thing that comes out our conversation is an increased motivation to get involved, then much has been accomplished. Your situation can serve as a very valuable learning lesson for the many other Christians who find themselves in a similar spot, and in that sense, it gives your current situation that much more value. See you this Sunday.

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