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September 29, 2008



When I saw that in yesterday's paper I was sad. I think it is mis-directed. You hit the nail in the head John- there are way more appropriate and legal avenues to communicate to folks. This is one more reason for a Christiantiy black eye and another example that people point to when asked their opinion about the role of religon in politics. Good intentions for sure, but is this the battle to fight? Hate crime legislation will be where this issue gets fought.


I don't think it matters if it is legal or not. What really matters is that church should be a place where we come together as the body of Christ. And talking politics is one way to make sure that doesn't happen!


I never really thought about it until I was visiting a church a few months back when they posted an Obama logo on their big screen. I was outraged and all I could think is how I would not come back to a church that had the audacity to promote a political candidate basically from the pulpit. Besides I would like people to quit telling me how to vote in general.

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