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August 24, 2008


Mandy Leech

Wow! That sure made those guys look intelligent!! Like the camera guy said, they could have spoken their mind....
I have a cousin and her husband who live in Denver, and my Great Aunt went to visit them for the last couple of weeks. She said that it was a very interesting place to be. She said, and maybe this is a normal practice, that authorities (I'm assuming people affiliated with the convention) passed out free movie tickets, and things of that sort for the homeless people in Denver to keep them off of the street during the convention. I guess there was a pretty good uproar from locals for the "quick fix". I probably wouldn't even call it that. It was just to hide them for the week. Most of my cousins friends (and my cousin's family) are leaving for the week. After seeing the video, I'd say that's why.

chris corwin

that kind of protesting is unnaccaptable -- but the hatred they feel for a "news" organization that consitently hides stories that don't further its agenda, photoshops pictures of people it disagrees with to make them look more "evil" and plays fast and loose with the rules of actually, like, having sources is pretty understandable.

i mean, have you actaully *watched* FOX news?


i can't beleive they have the guts to just, like, lie so much


I agree that this protest is bad. I'm thinking though, if Fox news is lying to us then ABC, CBS and NBC are telling us the dead honest truth. Then that would mean that Obama is not the media darling and not the second coming because that is not what the media is painting him up to be.

Resident Atheist

Ok, I'll bite. Chris, can you please provide some proof to those allegations about Fox?

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