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April 23, 2008


chris corwin



not them, surely


You have to dig, but there is data out there that shows the oceans are not getting warmer, but actually a little cooler. Just found this blog that speaks to this point.


Resident Atheist

I encourage everyone to read the Junk Science story every Friday on foxnews.com. Steven Milloy does an outstanding job calling into question much of the environmental rhetoric. He is certainly not unbiased, but it is nice to hear another side of the story on occasion.


RA, you raise a valid disclaimer about bias. Who among us, after all, is ever completely without bias. It is the common denominator from which we cannot escape and through which we must distill fact from fiction, regardless of the issue. It is only the naive who would suggest complete objectivity, or the disillusioned among us who are blinded to their own biases. So, the big question in global warming (or anything else, for that matter) is, "What is the truth?"

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