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April 23, 2008


Mandy Leech

An interesting little bit I heard on the news today: The majority (almost 70%) of Obama supporters said that if he does not get the nomination, they will choose to stay home on election day instead of supporting the Democratic nominee (which would be Hil). That might be a bit of encouragement to McCain.

chris corwin

there's nothing in the world that could convince me to vote for hillary.

last night during her speech it was all i could do not to turn the tv off in frustration at her obvious fakeness.

obama's speech, on the other hand, was gracoius, genuine and inspriring.

while i won't be staying home on election day if hillary gets the nomination, i will not be voting for her.


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Mandy Leech

Chris, I'm not voting for Hillary either. I just want her to get the nomination so that all of the Obama supporters stay home on election day and McCain wins.

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