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February 14, 2008



What is sad is that our government could be spending our money on something else besides who took steroids. I know it is wrong for what baseball players did but the MLB tests now. Where was Bud Selig at when these players were knocking out home runs. I feel he knew something but was afraid to address the issue. Now, he cries foul to keep himself in the clear. The same goes with Roger Goodell. Why did he destroy the tapes?
One more thing, I'm more of a Purdue fan than an IU fan but I had the pleasure of watching the Hoosiers through some real good seasons. I feel that Sampson has brought his cheating to IU only to have the program tarnished. Bob Knight might have been a hot-head but he ran an honest program and made sure his kids graduated.
Now, the school, the players and the fans are going to suffer because of his actions.

Resident Atheist

Can you think of any more suitable outcome to a school that hired a cheater? Almost makes me believe in divine intervention...


God does work in mysterious ways, even cheating coaches, right? A few more of these sordid affairs, and you may become a person of faith after all, R.A. :)

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