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February 22, 2008


Resident Atheist

It took me all of 30 seconds to find some data, and it actually supports the writer's supposition. (I didn't adequately vet this research, so I don't stand behind it. Do with it what you will.)


Personally, I don't see how this could be anything but true. Considering this country consist of a Christian religious super-majority (~80%), it would require 4 times as much discrimination by all non-Christians (not just atheists) to have collectively more discrimination than is done by Christians. That seems quite far-fetched to me.

To me, this whole discussion of discrimination against Christians sad. 80% of the population...how exactly does one go about discriminating against oneself? Sure there is discrimination, but it can be no where the magnitude or verocity that is received by other minority groups (not just religious, but race, sex, age, etc.)

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