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January 31, 2008



"I've just always wondered in which of those Two America's Sen. Edwards would put himself?"

yeah, or his kids!?

Peter Eicher (Disgruntled Fred-Head)

Ugg! I don't like any of 'em, much! And just in case some of your readers who viewed my comments on the abortion issue think I was holding out for Huckaby, I don't like him, much, either.

chris corwin

i am a very strong obama supporter, aside from being very anti-hillary. none of the republican candidates left are as frightening as huckabee was, but romney does give me the willies.

i think i get sen edwards "two americas" thing.

i ride my bike to work almost every day, except when it is snowy or icy out -- then it is just too dangerous.

on those days my wife drops me off in the morning and i take bus home.

i ride my bike or the bus from the very affluent neighborhood where my office is (i work at a marketing firm) under a bridge were people are driving hummers home from work on 65....

and then three miles of descent into the ghetto, where i live.

the near-east side of indianapolis is full of people who aren't exactly homelss, but certainly aren't living/working in the same america the rest of us are.

they don't have bank accounts -- they use the liquor store to cash the checks they get.

they don't pay taxes because they have no verifiiable income.

they neither respect, nor are they respected by, the authorities.

the cops drive by at 20 mph, never bothering to look anywhere but straight ahead, unless a "real" crime happens, and then they flood the neighborhood for all of two hours while the ghettobirds circle overhead with searchlights poking in the shadows.

these people -- my neighbors -- don't give a rat's behind about the war in iraq.

they don't care about voter fraud and they have never heard of diebold.

they don't care about aids in africa --- they care about how thier house got robbed, again, and trying not to get killed.

the poor in this country may as well live in another country altogether.


Chris, I do understand the disparity Edwards is trying to draw our attention to. And I actually agree with it to a degree. Though not having lived through such experiences personally, obviously I can only do my best to try to empathize with that version of America and do what I can to better their situation.

My satirical perspective on Edwards has more to do with taking a mild swipe at his attempt to erase from our minds his own multi-million dollar abode while suggesting that his "up-from-humble-beginnings" stump speech somehow qualifies him to be on equal footing with the have-nots in America. That's requires a bit more than I'm willing to stretch.

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