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January 29, 2008



We hunkered too. Mom was still at work, but the boys, the dogs(3), the webkinz(2) and I traipsed down to the basement. I sat with the panting dogs, the webkinz were tucked in a box under a basket and the boys played pop-a-shot.

OK, so maybe we didn't hunker down, but at least we were in the basement. It was nasty, but it was quick. I'm not sure if I've ever seen such a thin, long line of storms.

Oh well, off to bed...for the boys at least.

Mandy Leech

How funny DJ! Will, Zack, 2 dogs, 2 cats and 3 webkinz in OUR closet. Unfortunately for me, but to the rest of the clan's benefit, I had just had an avalanche of sweaters. Zack said to me after we came out "Mom I'm really glad you said 'Stupid dog! Get off my cashmere sweater'. I knew you weren't worried about the storm when you said that. It made me feel better." I was glad he thought I wasn't afraid, even though I was a little this time. Jim enjoyed the stories from balmy North Carolina.

Mandy Leech

At least the webkinz were safe.

Beth Cullison

I reluctantly took my flashlight, cell phone and blanket into the bathroom asking Jesus to protect me and then waiting a resonable amount of time until I forged ahead with the laundry which was never really stopped (the show must go on).

It was really nice to get a call from Dad making sure I was OK.

Mandy Leech

Beth, your dad is awesome...I would feel better if he called ME to see if I was okay!

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