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January 30, 2008



Our church has a pastoral position!! Come on out to the Pacific Northwest! We'd love to have you and they even have some sort of Republican dinner every year here that one of our friends heads up or something like that...

Peter Eicher

Now wait a second, Abby. Despite my friend, Crane-neck's affinity for the Pacific Northwest, I'm quite sure he would rather come to FORT WAYNE, IN. In fact, John, I'm pretty sure God told me you should just go ahead and move up here on faith that He has something lined up for you. =0)


With the great gift God has given you it shouldn't be too hard to find something. I enjoy listening to you speak.

Mike Erickson

Hey John, check out Village View Community Church (http://www.villageviewchurch.com/) in Summerfield, FL. We're in the process of hiring three additional pastors over the next several months.

Mandy Leech

Cranes aren't allowed to leave the west side of Indy. Sorry guys!

Resident Atheist

Although I may not have faith in your god, I do have faith in your positive messages and ability to bring people together for a rational discussion.

I hear there's a job opening up in Washington DC next January. House included! It's not too late to run as an independent...

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