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January 30, 2008



Figured I'd get the party started. Just in case some of you haven't determined it yet, this is John, the now 1-year-old blogger, blogging to you from Indianapolis, Indiana. Any further commments are posted above (or are coming to you very soon in future posts). Thanks again to all of you. I really do appreciate your faithful readership. :)


Comments coming from the south side of Avon, IN.

Happy Birthday...has it really been that long. Can't wait to see where the comments come in from.


This is Abby in Ellensburg, WA and this is my blog..

Mandy Leech

Mid-Avon, Indiana :) That goes for Jim too. Hooray John! Fabulous job!! Although, I do think you have contributed to my computer addiction...


andy from timbuktu indiana

Peter Eicher

I'm Pete from Ft. Wayne, IN. (Not Bragging, but I've been Crane-neck's buddy since Kindergarten) (Ok, I guess I'm bragging a little)

WTG, John!


Dateline Danville, IN, GOOD JOB JOHN!

Beth Cullison

Beth here from Indianapolis, IN. TDD is exactly its name. It’s part of my warm-up routine here at work where I sit most of the day to write and edit books and curriculum.

I read the blog way more than I comment. While I’m usually never shy about offering my “two cents” in person, I’m still a little cautious on blogs.

Another one of my favorite blogs is a Free Methodist pastor (of which I am one) who was recently elected as one of our three North American bishops, David Roller. He recently wrote "Sincerity requires more effort than sarcasm ..." Good words to consider. TDD stands out as a sincere forum, unlike the many cutting, rude and sarcastic alternatives.

I applaud your committment to keep the conversation going.

Resident Atheist

Resident Atheist here in Tulsa, OK. Grats on the big date. I promise to give you grief for another year.


I wouldn't expect any less. :) Glad to have you on board.


This is Jean (John's wife). Way to go, baby... one year under your belt- you've made a believer out of me!

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