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December 25, 2007


Mandy Leech

My time standing in line in the rain outside of Target waiting for a Wii, standing in line to see Santa, talking our 12 (almost 13) year-old into playing along, and standing on the porch in my pajamas spitting chewed carrots into the yard was all worth it this morning. It's a little hard to hold everything together for a nine-year-old. I know our Christmases with a true believer are numbered, but I'm hanging on to every last one! Merry Christmas!

Mandy Leech

Okay, so not even 24 hours from my last post, our gig is up. He knows. We were in line at Target today and the check out guy was ringing up Zack's new Wii game and he said "You got a Wii? Those are hard to find!" to which Jim says "You got it here, right honey?" Zack begins to laugh, to which we all begin laughing, and then into hysterics when Zack says "How were those cookies Dad?" It was fun while it lasted.

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