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October 07, 2007


concerned member of Light and life

do you really know what the definition of an atheist is. How can you say that you are a Christian and practice atheism. I am really concerned about that. in one breathe you say you are a Christian but then say because you don't always act like a Christian doesn't mean you are an atheist. an atheist is someone who states that they don't even believe God exist.


Concerned member. I'm thinking he was using "practical atheist" as a figure of speech, using the word practical vs. literal. I'm sure you can lower your concern and focus more on the point of the message, rather than the title.


I think what John is trying to say is that he is a Christian, but sometimes he LOOKS like an atheist because his actions don't always jive with his beliefs. He is definitely not an atheist.


Dear Concerned, I would be more than happy to clarify any concerns you have about my comments in yesterday's sermon. But, I'm not inclined to address any anonymous comments posted on this blog. If you would like to email me at john at thedailydetour dot com, I'd be happy to dialogue with you about this. Thanks!

Resident Atheist

This got me wondering if there is such thing as a 'practical Christian' -- somebody who is an atheist but follows the basic tenets of the bible.

I could actually think of someone who fits this description. He, at least, follows the bible more than a lot of 'practial atheists' I know.

I wonder who god would take into heaven? (rhetorical)


Resident Atheist, you've raised a very compelling insight and a legitimate indictment of many Christians. Your questions go to the idea of faith vs. works in a person's life. Beliefs matter, but to your point, there is a corresponding relationship to how we live our lives as well. Many of us Christians think that as long as we believe in certain "creeds and criteria", it's "St. Peter, here I come!" But behaviors cannot be dismissed either, which was one of the primary themes in my talk Sunday.

It comes down to finding the balance between the thesis of Eph. 2:8-9 (accepting God's gift of salvation)and that of 1 John 3:16-19 (the corresponding expectation of serving others with our lives). Where's that proper balance between beliefs and behaviors? Only God knows with certainty. But, He's given us enough clues as to how we should believe and live that the path to eternal life is clearly marked for anyone willing to pursue it.

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