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September 21, 2007



This seems like a no-brainer with regards to Leslie's response. I think it would have drawn more attention if he had done nothing and participated with the others. I didn't see the show however. I think it takes a lot more courage to be consistent day to day in our everyday interactions with people. (or lack there of when we should be interacting) John's question the other day - something like - if the carmara was on you 24/7 - how much would you reflect Christ's will - would you be glorifing him? That takes courage. To not speak in some situations, to help someone in need no matter how inconvienient, to encourage someone, or to witness. My 2 cents . . .


Well...I hope I would have done the same.

On a side note I sincerely hope Leslie (the Survivor token Christian- have you noticed there always seems to be one as well as some raving liberal or gay person) is able to hold up to her profession of a Christian. The frustrating thing about Survivor (besides that it is getting a little boring....just kidding Survivor fans) is that with all the editing you don't ever know the true context of what was said and often the religous ones end up looking like idiots.

Jim Leech

Hey Abby,

I hear Survivor is short one raving liberal for next season. Maybe you should send in a tape??

Just kidding,
Survivor Fan


You really think I qualify as a liberal...a raving liberal.....no...I don't think so....

andy Bullock

I think since I am a christian, and I have the priorities that I do right now, I wouldn't get myself into that specific situation (wasting precious time with my family to get on tv for no benefit).

It's one thing to be an actor on some reality series, it's quite another to have your boss (who can kill you) start making worship a rule.

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