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September 17, 2007


Resident Atheist

When I read Lauren Green's comments last week, my immediate reaction was 'Wow, I see her sense of humor is about as good as her on-air banter...not very.'

I can't stand Kathy Griffin. If you've ever had the unfortunate luck to watch her reality show, you will quickly realize that she has made a living making fun of other people (poorly). What's amazing is that she's extremely thin skinned and can't take a joke herself. I find this contradiction irritating for the same reason I find Lauren's comments annoying. People really need to learn to laugh at themselves.

90% of comics make a living offending different groups of people. The idea that Christians should somehow be immune to this is ridiculous. Was Kathy's comment funny? Mildly, but only because she could count on someone writing an article like Lauren Green's.

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