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August 17, 2007



I think we need to think of all of those who are violent in protest against those who don't believe exactly as they believe as completely ignorant, and treat them as such. We don't give out special attention or awards to the ignorant, we give them special classes to teach them in a way that only they can learn - we "handle" them until they aren't so ignorant, at which point they can then be allowed to mingle and run with the "normal" crowd.

We don't live in medieval times any longer.....?

as always - JMHO


Am I being tolerant when I laugh because his name is Tiny Muskens?

ANdy Bullock

Beauvallet - please define "handle" for me.


"handle" or maybe tolerate is a better word, vs. handle... I dont agree with brutal force when it comes to religion, why would someone want to join a religion that they are forced to join out of fear? I understand that you can't always play passive with those that are ignorant and aggressive, you can't always "turn the other cheek" if you will, but while defending oneself against the illiterate might be a necessary evil, I do believe that there are a large portion of those that are in those groups that are crying out inside for someone to educate them and take them out of the hold of fear that is oppressing them.

Again, JMHO


Did we blame all Christians and go after them with force when the radicals were blowing up abortion clinics and shooting doctors who performed abortions in Anytown USA ?

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