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July 19, 2007


Resident Atheist

I’m afraid it really doesn’t matter to me whether they are principles or rules, neither are ‘established’. While you might get more people to sign on for principles, the devil is in the details. It’s not until you start to really define things like ‘life’ and ‘drunk’ and ‘steal’ and ‘vice’ that you can flesh out what society will deem as acceptable behavior.

You seem to think the rules may change the principle. I see it as the opposite. The rules better define a vague principle. Discussing these rules and constantly revising them is natural and healthy in a thoughtful society.

You preach caution because you disagree with the way society is defining the principle of the sanctity of life. I haven’t seen you complain about the constant flux of drunken driving ‘rules’ because society is moving more towards your position (changing laws from .10 to .08 BAC). It’s not the public debate or attempt to codify it that you should be complaining about. It’s the opposing positions you should fight. The system works fine.

I get nervous any time someone says ‘Don’t think for yourself. Just go with the establishment.’ Did the Summer of Love take some issues of morality too far? Sure. I said in my original post that I would never defend it. I would, however, defend a legacy of challenging establishment.

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