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July 11, 2007



John...I'm almost at a loss for words. I think every parent has been there, perhaps not in such a public place, but we've all been there. And I love the moral of the story...a promise is a promise!!! Hang in there brother.


John, you're the man. I can honestly say taht I don't remember anything that crazy happening to us, not because it didn't, but because God is so good to us that he wipes those times clean away from our memories. What a great God!!

Mike Erickson

I love kids.

Jim Leech

My wife conveniently forgets the time at Purdue when I was home alone with Will, he was about 1, our first kid, I don't know what the heck I'm doing to begin with, and I get the poops through the diaper to my lap and the couch. Then, as I am trying to clean that up, he proceeds to start throwing up on me, himself and the couch. Granted, your story beats mine as I was at home, but it is definitely a moment I'll never forget. I'm with you, man, I wouldn't trade it!!


John, I got initiated into the club about 15 years ago with my oldest, who's 17 now. I want to officially welcome you and as a member, you get a lifetime of memories and stories that you can tell the grandkids. My mom occasionaly tells the story of when I was two and decided the walls needed decorating.


I, personally, did some wall decorating myself! I used a fabulous shade of Crayola purple, my favorite. I wrote my name, backwards to be exact, right on the wall behind her bedroom curtains. When my mom asked me if I did it, of course, I denied it (like someone else would have done it). She never did paint over it.

Resident Atheist

Here's my parenting poop story; every parent has had one. Home alone. My son broke a full glass bottle of lotion on the bathroom floor. He then pooped on the other bathroom floor during cleanup. Meanwhile, my daughter was crying in her swing with a full diaper. The phone was ringing, someone was at the door, and I had no pants on. Pure chaos.

Andy Bullock

Dude, right there with you. John, I have the same exact story except he pooped all over the church nursery, after we had been in the building less than 3 months. Awesome... initiation complete! Anyone that knows me can confirm, like father, like son.


OK here's another one....Went to get family photos done. Scott was wearing a white shirt and Hailey a beautiful pink dress. She poops through the dress, all over Scott, and it lands on the studio floor.....

Resident Atheist

I think I'll pass on seeing those glamour shots. No amount of fuzzy bordering will help that.


It seems every parent has a poop story. While shopping at Michael's one day 2 1/2 yr old Justin kept trying to show me something on the floor in the picture frame aisle. I was so busy trying to stop newborn Evan from crying that I didn't notice Justin has pooped in his shorts and it fell out the leg of his underwear and landed on the floor. When I saw the store associate going down the aisle with gloves and a garbage bag I quickly gathered up the boys and headed out the door!

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