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July 17, 2007



Absolutely not. It will be a sad record break as far as I'm concerned.

Resident Atheist

Nope. Cheater.


As far as I know, Babe Ruth wasn't juiced and neither was Hank Aaron. I agree with the first 2 comments. Looks like 0-3, against Bonds for TDD readers.


Sorry for the length...this hit a nerve.

Personally I think it is sad for Hank Aaron to see his record broken by Bonds. Usually sports figures watch in delight as their records are approached and perhaps even broken (except the 1972 Dolphins who pop champagne each year when the last unbeaten NFL team falls).

But, while I feel sadness for Aaron as an individual, I am drawn to the first line of Bob Kravitz's column in the Indianapolis Star on July 4 called "Embrace the Monster". He states, "Now baseball gets what it deserves." He goes on to say, "Doesn't this rate as karmic retribution for canceling the World Series, allowing the All-Star Game to end in a tie and conveniently looking the other way on steroids." Couldn't have said it better!

I loved baseball. When I lived in Terre Haute (prior to turning 9), I used to go to a vacant field with my friends and play baseball just for fun. There were only 5 or 6 of us, but that didn't stop us...if you hit it to right or center field it was an out and I'm sure there were other rules I can't remember. I even broke 2 fingers in that field doing my best Pete Rose slide into the hole that was second base. I loved baseball. I played organized baseball from the time I was 6 years old through my freshman year of college and thoroughly enjoyed every opportunity to go to a game in Cincinnati or St Louis or Chicago. I loved baseball. But...baseball has not been the same for me since 1994, when the players and owners failed to come to a labor agreement and allowed October to come and go with no World Series. Coaching my boys for the past 5 years in tee-ball and baseball, has certainly helped restore my love for the game, but I still can't sit and watch an entire pro game, not even the World Series.

Whether or not I root for Bonds or not, truly makes no difference. Without a truly tragic injury, Barry Bonds will be the all-time home run king shortly, unless and until it is proved beyond a reasonable doubt that he used steroids.

So, Major League Baseball is reaping what it has sown and it will have to live with a cheater as its home run king. The down side is that MLB will feel no pain, or if they do it will be temporary. Fans will continue to flock to games, TV and advertisers will continue to pump more and more money into the sport.

Wow...I thought I would feel better after that. I think I need to go play catch with the boys.

Jim Leech

Do I hope he breaks it? No way. But what can you do. Baseball did not test for steroids until just recently. And they still do not test for HGH. It was not against the rules, so how is it any different than lifting weights, drinking protein shakes, popping amphetamines in the 60s and 70s. He's just trying to get a leg up in a way that was not illegal until recently. Bud Selig sold baseballs soul to the devil in order to return interest. Everyone turned their backs. The part that bothers me is the kids ou there who have tried it, who have died, trying to be like their heroes. Thats the tragedy. And thats what I am trying to teach my boys. Don't put your life at risk as its not worth it. Once Barry Bonds is dead and gone (possibly sooner than it shoud be due steroids), what will his legacy be? More imprtantly, how will God judge him when he stands before the gates? What will his father say if and when he sees him in eternity? I want my boys to think about their legacy, about eternity, and hope that they will make the right decisions with that in mind. Man, I want to hug them right now.


I just read Rick Reilly (SI week of July 23, 2007). I tried to find the link but its not posted. If you have the mag, read the article. Reilly gave a list of things to do while Bonds is running the bases of 756. Its good.

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