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June 19, 2007


chris from flickerbulb

heya congrats, john.

care to disclose what your reader numbers are?

also, if you have access to it, i'd be interested in knowing what the top search terms are that lead people here.

for instance, for some unknown reason, a search for "fauxhawk" seems to lead people to flickerbulb.

Jim Leech

That is so very cool John. Congratulations.

You'll still continue to associate with me in public, right? At least pretend?

Just kidding, congrats.

Mike Erickson

Congrats, John.

Resident Atheist

Gratz on the link. Always glad to see you're getting more eyeballs.

I took a spin through the Breakpoint blog, and quickly retreated back to my safe place here at TDD. I couldn't even make it half-way down the page before the requisite atheist slams started. I'll keep my comments here, thank you very much.


Resident Atheist, glad you feel comfortable to bring the atheistic perspective here to The Daily Detour. It's always appreciated. If you're up for it, you might drop a comment in on the Breakpoint folks from time to time. I'm sure that'd stir the pot a bit...and hopefully in a healthy way. Thanks for the hearty congrats from one and all! It speaks as much to all of you as it does to me. :)

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