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June 01, 2007


jean crane

Here are my thoughts- I think the two main candidates for the GOP will be Romney and Guiliani, and the two main candidates for the Democratic party will be Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama. (I'm sure I'm just repeating what everyone already thinks.) I think Obama will get the nomination for the Democrats and I'm not sure who will get it for the Republicans. I personally am planning on voting for Romney at this point. My preliminary reasons for this include the fact that I feel the Republican party platform conforms more to my understanding of Biblical thinking, and I like what I hear about Romney's stance on issues that I care about. I heartily agree with you on your belief that a candidate's stance on the sanctity of life is far more important than other issues such as economics.


OK I'll bite.....I think agree with Jean on who the candidates will probably be. As far as who I will vote for- I would LOVE to see Obama as president. I would also actually vote for Hillary even though she isn't my favorite person in the world because I think it is high time we had a woman as president!!!


While I have no problem with a female president, I'm not sure Hillary should be the one to blaze that trail. If (When) things go badly, there may never be another.

One question Abby - if Rosie O'Donnell was running for president, would you vote for her too just because she is a woman?

As I said in an earlier post, I think Saddam Obama is the Anti-Christ - just read the left behind series - he is Nicolae Carpathia!!

John - Can we do a blog on how Obama and Carpathia are alike?

Not sure I agree with Giuliani as a candidate - my gut says McCain, although I'd rather see Thompson and Romney. Giuiliani may pull in some of the votes from the left, but I don't feel its worth it. I'd rather give it to the other side - too left for me.


Rosie O'Donnell....probably wouldn't vote for her but she is far, far less qualified....I actually wish Elizabeth Dole would have ran though.....

Funny you should say that about Obama...when I first heard him on Oprah I told my husband..." This guy sounds so great he must be the antichrist...."
So if he is let's elect him- we'll be that much closer to the rapture.....and if he's not..... life in our country and world might get a little better....


I'll give you that Abby, on both accounts.

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