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June 03, 2007



Pessimistic it may be and I can see that if you take the current moral decay, fleeing from God society we seem to live in, you could talk yourself into this doom and gloom as a potential reality. Generally speaking, the life lived today in western civilization is "comfortable" and without true toil and strife. Arguably more comfortable than any other previous generation with regard so our standard of living. So heaven and the promised after life to come seems more like a nice landing to a short, pleasant life lived in the 21st century. Future generations will probably have a different perspective on the promised after life. Total absence of law, a nuclear holocaust, unfathomable death/starvation/famine would make heaven that much more sweet. Reading through the old testament seems to be Muggeridge's prophecy already played out - multiple times. What urgency does his prediction leave us with? Speaking of our urgency to grow the kingdom’s future inhabitants.

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