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May 15, 2007


Resident Analyst

I've pretty much written off all awards shows since 'Shakespeare in Love' beat out 'Saving Private Ryan' for best picture at the Oscars.

Since then, I have decided that they are embarrassingly self-congratulatory. Even if they did have an awards ceremony for Finance (probably would be called Forbesies), I don't think I would show up when my name was called in the 'Financial Analyst for a Rental Car Company' category.

Andy Bullock

All right John, time to call you to the mat. You wrote this earlier "If you've read this blog for any length of time, you know my general distaste for the pronouncements from Tinseltown..."

Dude, here we've had blogs about Survivor, CMA's. And I don't know anybody who goes to more movies, or is more "in touch" with what's happening on reality TV.


There's a difference between staying up to speed on what's happening in Hollywood/media circles and giving credence to their
"expertise" on any given subject. I try to follow Zig Ziglar's example, who says he has to read the Bible and The New York Times to see what both sides are up to. :)

Resident Atheist

I agree with Andy. I think the Daily Detour usually runs through the television set.

I always wonder how much I am affected subliminally by all the garbage I watch on TV. Now pardon me while I go refinance my home with Ditech, drink some Budweiser, eat at McDonalds, and talk to my doctor about Nasonex.

Andy Bullock

Normally I would acquiesce to your comparison of hollywood and the new york times, but not this time. Just admit it man, you're a junkie, an addict if you will.

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