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May 15, 2007



I am still shocked not only at Dreamz decision, but the fact he didn't meet harsher words by the others on the show ... including host Jeff Probst. Others in previous seasons have manipulated and lied, but this crossed a line in my view. He basically stole a $60,000 truck ... although I guess he did give it back after the show was over. I do not believe this was 'strategy' from the first thought. I think that is how he is justifying his actions in hindsight. Plus, it was mentioned a couple of times by the other 'survivors' that Dreamz regularly talked about his faith and plans to help others (in the many hours of tape edited out). One person even insinuated they got tired of listening to it. He's lucky the religion thing wasn't talked about more in reviewing his actions... I would bet the lack of integrity coupled with his repeated testimony of faith would affect him if interviewing for a job. When put on the spot by Probst, I think Yau-Man made a very generous and kind assessment. Yau-Man said Dreamz has a lot of good intentions, but is very immature and needs to focus. I am extremely happy Dreamz did not win, and still wish he had taken more of a lashing.


Although this is not necessarily the specific topic of the post, I think back to Indy's Rupert B. He played a heck of a game, only to be voted out four from the end (hmm...just like Yao). I don't recall if he did any back stabbing (other than stealing shoes on the first day). He totally deserved to win, and in a vote-in contest he got the million. I hope that the Survior staff recognizes that Yao played an equally awesome game and finds a way to reward him for doing so.

Resident Conspiracy Theorist

you guys, come on, they are all a bunch of ACTORS on a television show. They aren't REAL PEOPLE. They do what they do for ratings and ratings only, so sponsors will buy time during the commercial breaks.

Again, they aren't real, normal people like you and I... well, like you. We may as well be talking about daytime television shows too (talk about some immoral drech!)


I didn't tape the show... although should have considering I watched in between helping one of my kids with a school project. Now I'm wondering if I heard incorrectly. I can't find anything on the net that says Dreamz returned the truck. Did he?? I thought he mentioned that during the reunion show, then thought it wasn't heard, and rementioned it a couple minutes later. Hmmm... I hope I wasn't mistaken. I really hope he returned the truck!

Beth Cullison

To the "Resident Conspiracy Theorist": I don't think they're actors but I do think that the show is actually taped in Detroit Michigan.

I've been singing this song all season long and who knows, one of these days we may come to find out that all the beautiful beach scenes are stock video clips and the challanges and "camps" are staged on the back lot of a General Motors plant parking lot. :)

Beth Cullison

Now for a more serious comment. How frustrating ... I was so upset at Dreamz's decision not to keep his word. Yes, it is a game of wits, but it's not the "Liar's Club" TV show from a few years back.

If he had kept his word and his "I swear to God" promise (that's a serious, heavy-duty promise), he may have actually won the jury in the end and ended up with a truck AND a million dollars. Dreamz's decision was very short sighted.

Here's how it could have played out:

Dreamz gives immunity to Yau-man.
Yau-man for sure doesn't vote for Dreamz.
Yau-man, Dreamz, and either Earl or Cassandra go to the final three.
Dreamz may have won over Yau-man because of him keeping his word.

So the nature of mankind described in Romans 1 turns out to be true again.


To the "Resident Conspiracy Theorist": I think John started this post with "For Survivor Junkies". You, obviously, aren't one. Don't ruin our fun.


Andy! I just realized that its YOU pooping on our Survivor parade! You probably watch pro wrestling in a Hulk Hogan shirt! :)

Andy Bullock

Aww... shucks! You figured it out!

Anyway, at least pro-wrestling is just that, PRO! And it's so real! And it's not a Hulk Hogan shirt (even though he was one of my childhood heroes and that would be awesome), it's my monster truck rally wife-beater with Kid Rock concert logo.


I should have thought of that!

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