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April 06, 2007



Thanks for the reminder John. My husband and I have three kids under the age of 4, and it is SO easy to get distracted by secular Easter preparations, like buying things for their Easter baskets, planning egg hunts, even cleaning the house for our family that will be visiting this weekend from out of town.....that I often forget to carve out time to reflect on why we are celebrating Easter.

We own a copy of "The Passion" and you have inspired me to find a few hours this weekend, and sit down and watch it..... although, if my out of town guests want to know why my house is dirty Easter day, i'll be forced to blame "The daily detour" =)

Thanks for the perspective, John.


I, for one, am happy to hear about your lack of dating abilities. It landed you with the right girl!

andy bullock

I'll be honest, I've not seen the film. I'm too afraid. Some day...

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