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April 21, 2007


Pete Ross

It is not what is in a person's hand that makes a killer, it is what's in the person's heart. The gun control advocates fight only the flames where professional fire fighters fight the source of the flames.

Some may recall Mark Barton, the deranged day trader who shot up the Atlanta, GA day trading office, then beat his wife and children to death with a ball peen hammer. Much was made of the firearm, but no attention was directed to the murderous hammer. Was it a Craftsman, a Stanley, who knows? Who cares?

The salient point is that the make and model of the firearm is no more relevant than that of the hammer. In the hands of a murderer, both are equally lethal. Yet no background check or waiting period is required to purchase a hammer. It can be carried to school in a child's backpack or on a contractor's tool belt.

Did VA Tech make its campus less violent by banning all firearms? Are NYC, Washington D.C., Chicago, LA or Boston safe cities because they have total firearm prohibitions? Each is more dangerous than Baghdad, teeming with armed insurgents and Marines. Ever wonder why?



I say either ban all guns (impossible) or give everyone a gun.

Otherwise, you are right where we are right now.

What I do know is, being an anti-gun advocate won't stop the badguys from putting a plug in my behind.

And I culdn't agree with Pete more. Guns don't kill people, people kill people. Without guns, we'll find another way, don't you worry.

Andy Bullock

I'm not sure if this is true or not. But I heard on the Neal Bortz show the other day that Great Britain and Australia went door to door collecting all the personal firearms. I'm not sure if it was handguns only or what. But supposedly now those two countries lead the world with the fastest incline in violent crime.

Anyone else hear the same or different?

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