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April 27, 2007


Andy Bullock

VERY important topic. I've got more comments to make but no time now.

I simply want to say that I purchased on TODAY for my vehicle before the people at the American Communist Living Union try to make them unavailable.

Peter Eicher

First of all...I just want to say that John Crane is a Stud, and I knew him when he was in Kindergarten. Secondly, if cool people like Andy Bullock read this Blog, then everyone should. Finally, I couldn't have stated things better if I tried. I get pretty sick of how a "separation" that was intended to give freedom of religion, has essentially evolved into an unwritten law that denies freedom of the expression of religion.

I taught an abstinence class in a local Columbus Middle School and accidentally let the word "Bible" slip from my tongue, and was asked to not return. If I had said, "Confucius says", or "it says in the Koran", it would not have been a problem, but "The Bible says..." was my downfall.

Ugg. Sorry. Found my soapbox.

andy bullock

Wahoo! Hurray for Pete Eicher! Welcome my brother from above (Ft. Wayne)!

Resident Atheist

While I generally agree in the studliness of John Crane, the leap that there is a drive in this society towards pure secularism is extremely overstated. While I will not defend the actions of the ACLU, I understand the desire of the small minority that are not religious to maintain a separation between church and state. The inevitable cry from the religious stating that all relgion is being erradicated is unmerited. These are almost all cases in which the GOVERNMENT is advocating or funding (directly or indirectly) a religion (often a SPECIFIC religion). The idea that somehow an attack on these practices will lead to the elimination of religion in a country where every major political figure is devout is unreasonable.

What's more, it is very unfair to claim that just because I don't want my government choosing a religion, I am anti-religion. I am pro-religion, but am afraid of a religious state (Iran), just as much as a secular one (China). I love choice and want it engrained in our laws.

You ask why 'In God We Trust' was targeted by the ACLU? I do not remember a law against requiring the separation of troops and state. They picked this fight because they might win, and it will draw media attention that will increase their funding.

Finally, I do agree that Christians bear an unfair burden in this country when it comes to the separation. It seems like every other relgion gets a 'pass'. I do not advocate this, but I imagine it happens because Christians are the overwhelming majority. If everyone converted to Judiasm tomorrow, then I'm sure Christianity would be spared. Do you really want that? Take it as a acknowledgement of your power.

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