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March 28, 2007


Abby Hoefer

Why is it so hard for you to believe that we are contributing to global warming? What is wrong with being concerned for the environment and trying to get others on board? Don't you know that the Bush team allowed a guy with no scientific background who worked for Exxon to edit the climate reports? The facts are (and I am not an environmental "whakko") the climate is heating up, we are to blame, and the love of money and the Republicans are the biggest contributers of all!! (Where your treasure is there will your heart be also.)


Abby, thanks so much for your comments. Sorry if my previous posts have painted the wrong message. I'm more into environmental stewardship than you may realize. :) I would genuinely be interested to see more information about the Bush official who edited the climate reports, as well as, the evidence that Republicans are the biggest contributors of all to global warming. That kind of information helps me in my own understanding of the issue. Thanks again for your response. I always appreciate passionately-articulated perspectives which diverge from my own. It makes for much more healthy dialogue.

Abby Hoefer

There was actually an article entitled "Global Warming 'unequivocal'" by Thomas Friedman in the Seattle Times on Sunday that talked about this. Phillip Cooney is the one who resigned after his "shenanigans were exposed in the Times and was immediatley hired, of course, by Exxon Mobil. Before joining the White House he was the "climate team leader" for the American Petroleum Institute, the main oil industry arm."

Anyway the article is really informative, maybe it is online.
As far as the number of research articles there are saying we are the major contributers to Global warming.....my husband has access to them but hasn't had a chance to get them for me. When he does I will e-mail you some links. Scott works for NOAA- National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration. Anyway he is a biologist who has studied this extensively.

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